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Mercadier, innovation accessible to all

Mercadier, innovation accessible to all

Our driving forces are Accessibility and Innovation! Mercadier has established itself around an idea which is simple and difficult at a time: every product we create, irrespective of how technical it is, must remain accessible for everybody.

For more than 15 years already we are working to develop innovative colourful products of decoration being consious about today’s technical constraints and environmental challenges. All this to be able to propose you accessible decorative solutions.

Born in Aix-en-Provence our enterprise has developed all around France and our team of passionate specialists has grown considerably. Using the help and feedback from our own boutiques, our resellers network and our partners applying the decorative coatings, we carry on developing new materials for decoration to astonish you and to accompany you in your projects.

For more than 15 years already we have been sharing with your our love for Decoration and The Art of Living. The colours and materials Mercadier have entered our environments: you can find them indoors and outdoors, on floors and walls or even on elements of furniture… This love and share was expressed via the material very little known at that time – the Polished Concrete. Forerunners on this emerging market, our company has been developing with the same pace as our main product.

With the hard work to organise the transfer of our technical know-how to our Clients and Partners, we are striving to render this material more and more accessible without sacrificing its durability and quality.

Our rich and radiant colours have liberated the concrete from its greyness to propose you today all the fantasies in decoration… Regardless of your usual environment and tastes!

15 years of innovation in the service of decoration

  • 2003: Opening of the 1st boutique Mercadier in Aix-en-Provence
  • 2004: Opening of a boutique Mercadier in Rouen
  • 2005: Creation of « The Building Team »
  • 2006: Launch of the Layered Polished Concrete Collection: RBC & EBC
    • Reception of a Design Award
    • Development of resellers network in France
  • 2007: Opening of a boutique Mercadier in Paris
  • 2008: Launch of a new Concrete Look Seamless Floor SCBC
    • First exportations
  • 2009: Partnership with a Training Centre in Aix-en-Provence
  • 2010: Opening of a boutique Mercadier in Lille
  • 2011: Launch of the PURE® Argile
    • Creation of a network of Partners – Professionals in Decorative Concrete Application
  • 2012: Launch of the PURE® Métal
  • 2013: Launch of the RBX – a new Concrete Look Self-levelling Floor of high resistance
  • 2014: Launch of Decorative Paint Mercadier – our first Collection of paint which includes 2 primers and 5 finishes, each in 120 colours
  • 2015: Launch of the SC+
  • 2016: New decorative atmospheres and edition of the 1st Inspirations Workbook
  • 2017: Launch PMB (Pure Minéral Béton)
    • Launch Matéco Paintings
    • Relocation of Mercadier Showroom at 10 Passage du Chantier in Paris
    • Edition of the second Inspirations Workbook
  • 2018: Launch of Chromatic DNA, which allows everyone to discover HIS color
  • 2019 : Opening of a new showroom in France, in Bordeaux

Men & Women

Men and Women Technical Know-How and Common Values

Man’s hand is essential for all the work of creation and emotion. Every one personifies the Mercadier Principles: Technical Know-How and Common Values.

Initially the spirit of Mercadier is the desire to develop and share its idea of decoration and the Art of Living with the help of a material very little known.

Under the watchful eye and in agile hands of the sculpturers of materials and colours who form the Mercadier Team, the Layered Polished Concrete allows all the fantasies and can be used in an infinite number of ways.

Applications, colours, textures, materials, the universes created by Mercadier proliferate every day spurred on by the founders of the brand and their teams.

Every one personifies the Mercadier Principles:

  • Transmission
  • Proximity
  • Accessibility
  • Solidity of the Products

Every client can exchange with Mercadier Teams.

French manufacturing for more than 15 years
French manufacturingfor more than 15 years
Color Expertfor more than 15 years