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Inspirations for the Bathroom

Choice of material

It is in the bathroom that the Layered Decorative Concrete EBC is the king… Washbasin cabinet, floor, walls, shower…. Here it can literally be placed everywhere due to its resistance to splashes of water and humidity.

Tips by Mercadier

Its waterproofing properties made it possible to replace the tiles with the Layered Decorative Concrete EBC rendering the floors seamless and uniform.

However, it is important to carry out necessary operations to insure the water resistance with the help of our Liquide Waterproofing System or using another adapted system for Italian showers (without a shower tray). You can place the EBC on the majority of usual sufaces: water-resistant drywall, aerated concrete, waterproof « ready to coat » panels  etc.  It can also be placed onto the existing tiles without their preliminary removal.

You can also apply this product leaving a little of grain on the floor to make it less slippery. Remember that the maintenance of finishes will ensure the longevity of your surface.

Decorative Inspirations

You are absolutely free to choose the colour. A deep shade for a tonic environment, tender colours for relaxation or neutral for a mineral render.

Decorative Tips & Tricks

To create the environment of "hammam" why not coat the ceiling? The Concrete perfectly allies with other materials as well (pebbles, wood etc.)

Bathroom with decorative concrete on floor and walls
Bathroom with decorative concrete
Bathroom with blue decorative concrete
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