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Inspirations for Stairs

Choice of material

Being placed onto a staircase the Layered Decorative Concrete EBC will show all its strength and turn this simple area into an architecural object. Step, riser, stringboard… may be coated to achieve a genuine sculptural effect. Be it a rough concrete base or an existing staircase, the EBC will highlight the geometry of its lines. This is the material that will leave the constraints behing to render your staircase more homogenous and fluide.

Tips by Mercadier

Execute internal and external angles with the help of a corner trowel. A protruding corner for a finer finish or rounded edges for greater softness, it is the way you work with the matter that will define the final result of this wholistic element of decoration.

Decorative Inspirations

You can choose to coat the step and riser with different colours in order to highlight the graphic lines of your staircase, especially if it is spriral.

Decorative Tips & Tricks

Why not try to embed the light sources (spots, LED…) onto the walls next to the staircase to create the game of shadows or to put the material in the limelight.

Stairs with decorative concrete
Stairs with decorative concrete
Stairs with decorative concrete
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