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Since Mercadier loves your decoration projects...

Here is a house Mercadier : resolutely timeless, putting the emphasis on the light and natural materials.

Transcendent, the concrete is the Star Material. It goes so well with the metal and the wood.

There is no ostentatious decoration here, but a casual and down-to-earth environment.

Deco project for living room

Living Room

It deserves more than any noble or beautiful material. Here we lounge around, here we welcome our guests… It is here that the heart of the House beats.

Deco project for kitchen


Genuine room of live, the kitchen must unite conviviality, practice and aesthetics… The concrete may be the answer to this, the coating that unites well with paint, PURE® Metal and other materials.

Deco project for bathroom


In the bathroom, the concrete excels. Its waterproofing properties make it worthy every piece of your bathroom: Italian shower, floor, washbasin.

Deco project for terrace


For a perfect harmony between your interior and your garden, extend your decoration outside

Deco project for stairs


We often use them to only pass them… But why neglect them? They articulate the house and connect all the areas. Nothing is better than uniform seamless material to accentuate fluidity and harmony…

Deco project for bedroom


First thing in the morning walk barefoot on the concrete and savour the unexpected softness of the material. Dare to mix colours and materials

Deco project for public spaces

Public Spaces

Hotels, restaurants, shops, galleries, exhibition centers...

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