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Lime Les 3 Matons

Lime products : ecological, natural and healthy, traditional or contemporary

Lime is a material which has been able to cross the times without taking a wrinkle!

Flagship brand of the Mercadier group, Les 3 Matons has made lime its specialty for 30 years. In love with the material and its infinite possibilities, the brand develops a natural lime of a great quality, manufactured according to a very old process and respecting precise specifications, in order to preserve all its technical and decorative properties.

For the little story : resulting from the combustion of calcareous rocks (with wood fire for our most traditional products), fat lime rests notably in basins for many months, before being marketed. This maturation brings an outstanding quality to our products, which can go up to 5 years for a lime of "historical monuments" quality.

Aware of the malleability of this material, Les 3 Matons has developed a range of products that can be adapted to different desires, depending on the initial support and the desired finish. And a rich range of 35 shades!

Ideal material for renovation and new construction

Ideal in renovation, lime also has the advantage of letting the support breathe thanks to its permeability.

Natural and eco-friendly lime plaster provides a very fine texture with nuances and warm colors.

Natural and eco-friendly lime wash paint for indoor and outdoor use.

Marbrex® R lime plaster has been modified and improved using the latest techniques so as to offer excellent aesthetic and adhesive qualities.

Manufacture of Lime Cooked in the Wood Fire

French manufacturing for more than 15 years
French manufacturingfor more than 15 years
Color Expertfor more than 15 years