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Cold Metallisation PURE® Métal

If you are looking for a touch of industrial décor to  add to your interior, opt for PURE® Métal – an innovative cold metallisation process!

A decorative coating

PURE® Métal is a decorative coating that you receive when combining powder, binder and water. It helps you create either paint or coating and achieve a genuine metallisation effect.

Mixed with water or binder it is used indoors (tiles, walls, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, woods, plaster…) but also outdoors with an adapted protection.

PURE® Métal is applied with different tools depending on desired effect and surface to cover: a knife, a trowel, a spatula, a roller, a brush, a spray gun…

7 finishes: Aluminium, Copper, Tin, Zinc, Brass, Bronze and Iron.

Aesthetic render

Numerous renders are possible according to tools and gestures of the person applying the product: smooth, textured or striped.

You can obtain different effects (crocodile, vegetation, punching, scratched, shagreen effects etc.), nuances of which are revealed while polishing.

Apply at...

Your interior and exteriors provided you choose the right protection: bathrooms (except inside a shower), kitchen, living room, staircase… It can be placed on any rigid or supple substrate.

Helps you also to recover an object or piece of furniture to renovate it.

Ideal for: decorative walls, credenzas, furniture and coated objects, worktops and even floors and staircases (after adapted preparation of the surface).


  • Large choice of metals (Aluminium, Brass, Tin, Bronze, Zinc, Copper, Iron…)
  • Excellente grip on the majority of surfaces
  • Different effects depending on a tool used
  • A finish that you can create and personnalise yourselves
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French manufacturingfor more than 15 years
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