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Lime plaster BADIMAT®

Badimat®, natural and eco-friendly lime wash paint

BADIMAT® lime wash paint is a natural and eco-friendly lime wash paint for indoor and outdoor use. It has been modified and improved using the latest techniques so as to offer excellent aesthetic and adhesive qualities. BADIMAT® lime wash paint is a very decorative finish giving an aged patina appearance with a velvet matt finish and a very lightly brushed texture, typical of the old-fashioned lime washes.

BADIMAT® lime wash paint is available in white and is colored using compatible natural pigments or dyes.

Where do it use BADIMAT® ?

BADIMAT® lime wash paint is suitable for indoor decoration (halls, staircases, living rooms, bedrooms …) as well as building facades . BADIMAT ® lime wash paint is particularly recommended for historical buildings, in any town center renovation ventures as well as for an improved aesthetic integration of new buildings into existing environments.

▸ Features

Lime putty, obtained by a maturing process of 3 to 24 months, fine powdered marble and vegetable additives. Made from a selection of non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients that are eco and health friendly. Free from asbestos, formaldehyde and heavy metals.

BADIMAT® air lime whitewash paste is both decorative and protective. It has an excellent permeability to water vapor, naturally bactericidal and anti-mold, and allows to obtain a very aesthetic aspect characterized by the moiré and transparency of the fat lime whitewashes of yesteryear, while avoiding the technical problems of film-forming paints.

▸ Surface preparation

Indoor and outdoor surfaces should be in conformity with the current standards in force. Surfaces must be homogeneously absorbent, sound, clean, dry, non-friable and deprived of salts, moisture and moulds.

BADIMAT® lime wash paint can be applied directly to natural lime plasters , preferably a fresco (wet on wet). When used a secco (after drying), dampen the wall with clean water, avoiding streaming before applying BADIMAT® lime wash paint.

  • Concrete surfaces, cement, dusty lime plasters , gypsum, old compatible paint (peeling paint and semi-gloss or gloss paints must be sanded or removed or primed with a water-based primer ) should be fixed beforehand using our SOUS COUCHE POUR CHAUX EXTRA lime primer.
  • Plasterboards and other types of boards must be primed with a water-based primer before applying SOUS COUCHE POUR CHAUX EXTRA lime primer .

For other surfaces, contact us for technical support.

▸ Application

BADIMAT® lime wash paint must be thinned with water, adding 20% to 30% water. BADIMAT® lime wash paint should be thinned to an easy brushing consistency. Mix well before use and continually mix during use to ensure the pigment remains in suspension.



BADIMAT® lime wash paint must be applied with a brush. Do not use a roller. BADIMAT® lime wash paint is applied in two coats. The traditional lime wash finish has a lightly brushed texture. This is achieved by applying in a criss-cross motion. Each coat will appear transparent when wet, but will become opaque when dry. Let each coat dry completely for 24 hours, before applying next coat.
Interesting antique or multi-color effects can be created with natural pigments and our VELATURA glaze over the BADIMAT® lime wash paint , or using BADIMAT® lime wash paint over our MARBREX R / MINERAL 000 lime plasters surfaces.
If the brush drags, then thin BADIMAT® lime wash paint a bit more. If the surface to which you are applying the BADIMAT® lime wash paint is absorbent, then the it should be thinned enough to absorb into the surface. If too thick when applied, BADIMAT® lime wash paint will flake off. Avoid overbrushing and picking up paint already deposited.


Drying time - Carbonation

24 hrs to 48 hrs depending on the absorbency of the substrate and the ambient humidity.
Where humidity, condensation or water-vapor is present, efflorescence, whitening, variations in color and fading may occur on surfaces that are not totally carbonated. Protect the end result from any rain for several days. To accelerate carbonation after the lime wash has thoroughly dried, we recommend that you spray the surface gently from bottom to top with clean water using a low pressure spray. Avoid any streaming. Repeat this several times, leaving time to dry in between each spraying.



To protect the surfaces from water and stains: you can waterproof using our HYDRO R / HYDROMAT water repellents (1 or 2 coats). If you want a shine finish you can wax with our CIRE SOLIDE bees and carnauba wax (1 or 2 coats).
We recommend to apply at least one coat of water repellent before applying the CIRE SOLIDE bees and carnauba wax to ease the application and to avoid marks.



200 g to 300 g / m˛, depending on the surface and the desired end result.

▸ Practical and Health Advices

Do not apply to hot or damp surfaces or those directly exposed to the sun, or in the wind or the rain.
Each wall section should be finished the same day. All overlapping should be done in corners or door angles.
Protect the surrounding areas from splashes or clean with water immediately.

Irritating to the eyes and skin. BADIMAT® lime wash paint contains lime putty. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse well with fresh water and contact a specialist if any symptoms persist. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Keep out of the reach of children.

▸ Cleaning and Storage

Clean all tools with water immediately after use. Apply and store at a temperature of +5°C to +30°C (40°F or 85°F).

BADIMAT® lime wash paint will keep for one year in its original closed packaging, away from frost and high temperatures. However, as it is essentially lime putty, it will keep for much longer of covered with a thin layer of clean water.

Conditioned in recyclable plastic buckets of 1 kg, 5 kg and 25 kg.


The information in this sheet is the expression of our knowledge and trial results, it can be considered on no account either as bringing a guarantee, or as engaging our responsibility in case of defective application. We recommend making a sample.


  • Mineral mattness. Very fine texture. Aged appearance ;
  • High breathability. Avoid peeling problems ;
  • Good resistance to UV (coloring with natural pigments ) ;
  • Natural and eco-friendly lime wash ;
  • CO2 absorbent (during the carbonation process, lime absorbs CO2 contained in the air) ;
  • Naturally anti-bacteria and anti mould ;
  • Odorless, solvent free, no harmful emissions.
Mur intérieur au badigeon de chaux Badimat®
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