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The Neutrals

The New Neutrals

It is a new range of 20 faded tints worked from warm or cold, pink, yellow or slightly green neutral families as many variations of the dark grey “Nazca”, the warm and smoky tint “Sturio” and also the shadow “Solimoes”.

The New Neutrals are organised in colour families that make the interpretation and the perception of the different shades easier.

• Whites and warm neutrals like “Creta 01”, a fresh, bright and soft white or “Tonka 01”, a delicately pinky white. Perfect with some reds of the colour chart.
A subtlety that makes all the difference !

Cold light to intermediate tones with for some of them a touch of umber, like “Brutus 01”, “Solimoes 01”, “Varanasi 01” & “Sturio 02”.

Intermediate and neutral grey tones with “Sturio 05”, a timeless grey.

• And warm and soft grey tones, slightly pinky with the ranges of “Nazca”, the best seller grey of Mercadier, like “Nazca 03” a warmed up intermediate grey with a touch of red ochre.


20 natural and sophisticated tones that may be used on their own or as a whole, to accentuate an association of tints or cover the whole room.

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French manufacturingfor more than 15 years
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